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How to contact an Dispensaries

Below is a list of the current businesses operating and authorized to dispense medical marijuana in Florida. We encourage you to visit the website links below and research the products each offer including CBD:THC ratios, descriptions, strains, concentrations and pricing. A little research can go a long way in your healing process. NOTE: DISPENSARIES ONLY ACCEPT CASH

Name Telephone Email Delivery Status
Aphria/Liberty Health Sciences 833-254-4877 Available
Alt Med/MÜV 813-489-5032 Available
Curaleaf 877-303-0741 info.fl@curaleaf.comAvailable
Knox Medical888-441-5669info@knoxmedical.comAvailable
Surterra Therapeutics850-391-5455wellness@surterra.comAvailable
The Green Solution800-429-1987info@tgsflorida.comAvailable